Freelance opportunities


Hello All! We're currently looking for new people to join our team worldwide! If we haven't hosted an event in your area, there is still a possibility that we may host an event in the future, so please apply for the role(s) that may be appropriate according to your abilities, regardless of where you are located.

Local Promoters


- Informing everyone within or outside of the KPOP community regarding our upcoming events via social media, physical promotion, or other appropriate methods.

- Managing and liaising with groups, venues or organisations when relevant.

Graphic Designers


- Creating material such as posters, art work, and other promotional material when required.

- You are required to use photoshop, the ability to use premier pro or other video editing software is an additional bonus.

Please attach a link to your portfolio or any past content you have created.



- Shooting videos during our events.

- Having the ability to edit the videos as well is an additional bonus.

Please provide a link to a portfolio or any content you have shot before.



- Taking photos during our events.

- Please also list your equipment.

Less experienced photographers might be taken into consideration based on equipment, as training is available if necessary.

Please provide a link to a portfolio or any content you have shot before.

Terms and conditions

- The roles will initially be done by event basis.

- Pay, amenities, sustenance will be individually negotiated.

Application Form

- We will look into each application and respond within 2 weeks.

- Please fill in the form on the link below and attach a CV at the end of the form.

- Please upload your portfolio on google drive or wetransfer and attach a shareable link to your application.

- You may apply for multiple roles.

Application form: 

We look forward to your applications ! :)